Flu Season is Here

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Flu Season is Almost Here

Columbus, Ohio – The dreaded flu season. Every year it sweeps through offices, schools and other places where people gather and makes life miserable for some. It can be particularly troublesome for some groups, such as the very young and senior citizen. While most flus manifest as a miserable bout for a few days, left unprotected it can truly harm the most vulnerable. Even if you do not fall into a high risk group, it is good to be prepared and save yourself trouble this season by getting a flu shot.

Teeing Off With Doctors in the Crowd

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As the President’s Cup approaches in nearby Dublin, you might not know that many golf tournaments feature volunteer doctors among the crowd! So, if you take ill while walking the course, chances are you’ll be in good hands. Our doctors have been known to be present at the Memorial Tournament, which you can read more about in this article.
“If you were going to have a heart attack at an event, that would be the place to do it,” said Dr. Marcus Pesa, an emergency-room physician and co-owner of Scioto Urgent Care. Pesa, 40, spends as many days at the Dublin tournament as his schedule allows.”

Avoid Dehydration This Summer!

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Proper hydration is often overlooked! Water is great for moderate exercises but sports drinks can be useful for intense workouts. Sports drinks bring the added benefit of replacing lost electrolytes, but bring with them the added calories. Dehydration can bring fatigue, dizziness or headaches, but can be avoided. A simple rule of thumb is to drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day.